After 10 years we are changing.

As you see we have changed a bit.  We have grown and downsized, expanded and minimized.  We still have liaisons though out China to help you with procuring anything you might need in the Chinese’s vast industrial complex.  However we have decided that our focus will be on ELECTRONICS.  We have our main office in California but we now have a branch office in the heart of the ELECTRONIC industry in Shenzhen, China.  In the past we have concentrated on foreign buyers or sellers going to China.  Our Liaison network would help them with their pre-arrival plans, their arrival, tours of factories, translator services and follow up once you make a deal.  We tried to do all for everyone and as the saying goes we became a ‘JACK OF ALL TRADES AND A MASTER OF NONE.”   We looked at where our strength was and we decided that Shenzhen and ELECTRONICS.  We have made one other big change recently, as has China.  We are now providing the same Liaison service to Chinese business people traveling to the USA and a few other countries.

Bob Findlay